Service Centers

Cascade Cart Solutions can work with you to establish a Service Center at your location, which will help you manage your entire cart base from new cart delivery to end of life cart recovery and recycling. Cascade Service Centers house all activities related to your cart base including delivery, inventory of new and refurbished carts, and repair activities. We take care of all activities related to your residential cart base, so you can focus on your collection and processing operations.

Total cart management. No hassles. Worry-free.

As your customer service team creates a work order, we do the rest - including scheduling, routing, customer interaction and closing of the work order within your system. We track and manage all activities within our Cascade Service Centers with CartLogic®, a web-based software and mobile app used to track and manage cart data.

We provide:

  • Permanent and temporary residential work order management, including:
    • Deliveries
    • Swaps
    • Cart Inspections
    • Cart Washing
    • Poly Welding
    • Repairs
    • Removals
  • Cart inventory management via RFID and mobile apps
  • Recovery and recycling of carts into their next useful lives
  • Reporting
  • White goods pick-up
  • Residential sales
  • Permanent commercial work order management

With a Cascade Service Center, you can focus on your business and leave the cart management to us.