ReCollect: Collection Communications

Watch to Learn How Mobile Apps and Online Tools Will Improve Your Business and Meet Your Municipal Goals
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Cascade Cart Solutions offers ReCollect Systems' digital communication platform, which provides municipalities and haulers the most effective tools to engage residents and customers about solid waste collection and diversion.

Engaged Residents.

Amazing Support.

Unlimited Messaging.

The ReCollect communication platform is a web and mobile app solution that informs residents about their collection schedule and educates them about their specific solid waste and recycling streams. Most importantly, ReCollect allows you to customize communications to your residents, and as a white label service everything is branded with your municipality or company name and colors so customers see you shine, not us.

Used by hundreds of cities and private haulers across North America, this communication service is helping...

  • Increase diversion rates
  • Lower contamination
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce help desk call volumes

ReCollect Collection Calendar

Collection Calendar

ReCollect's Collection Calendar works for residents of all ages, allowing them to search their collection schedules in real-time simply by typing their address, and sign up for weekly reminders via email, phone call, text message, or Twitter. Residents can also print a PDF calendar specific to their address and download their collection schedule into their personal digital calendar (Microsoft Outlook, iCal, Google calendar).

As a municipality or private hauler using ReCollect you can add educational messaging that your residents will see or hear in their reminders. Whether you're encouraging recycling habits, providing seasonal tips, or sending instant emergency alerts you are... 

  • Engaging residents on their terms and when the message will have maximum impact
  • Educating residents of all ages, lifestyles, and abilities - not just Smart Phone users
  • Getting your communication program up and running in days, not months

ReCollect Waste WizardWaste Wizard

ReCollect's Waste Wizard helps your residents easily and quickly figure out what goes into their bins. Minimize contamination of your recycling stream and increase diversion from your waste stream by providing your residents with a simple search solution. As residents type the material they are researching into the Waste Wizard, it will "predict" their entry and offer helpful suggestions. 

Municipalities and haulers can...

  • Get started quickly with ReCollect's list of thousands of items
  • Quickly add new materials, waste streams, or drop-off depots with simple editing tools
  • Improve your promotions and education efforts by understanding your analytics data and what materials residents are searching for regularly


Watch the video above to learn from the creators of ReCollect how Mobile Apps and Online Tools can help your team meet their municipal goals and successfully connect with customers!

As a MSW IT, communications, or recycling coordinator professional you can get started today with ReCollect's online tools and mobile apps for waste managment.